SharpEye Music Reader - Background information

About the author, Graham Jones

I was born in 1959 and brought up in Gloucestershire, England.

Academic Background:

1977-80 Cambridge University: Mathematics Degree, First Class
1980-81 Warwick University: MSc in Pure Mathematics
1981-83 Warwick University: PhD in Group Theory

Then I did a bit of a career swerve... I moved to my present address in 1983 and made my living as an artist (landscapes in oils and watercolours) for many years. I have a gallery attached to my house. This was full time until 1991, but programming has taken over more and more since then. I became interested in AI and Machine Vision around 1986 and did a lot of pen-and-paper work before buying an Acorn Archimedes A440 in 1989. I taught myself programming, first in Basic and assembler, then C.

I started writing commercial programs for Acorn RISC OS machines in 1991. I wrote Hard Disc Companion (version 2.0), Desktop Thesaurus, FairIsle, and the OCR program Sleuth (all versions). FairIsle is distributed by iSV Products, the others by Beebug; all are written in C. I have been working on SharpEye since 1996, initially part time, now full time.


The Influence of Nilpotent Subgroups on the Nilpotent Length and Derived Length of a Finite Group, Proc. London Math Soc. (3), 49 (1984) 343-360.

(with Trevor Hawkes) On the Structure of a Group Whose Orbits on a finite Module Are the Orbits of a proper Subgroup, Journal of Algebra, 84 (1985).

Image Segmentation using Texture Boundary detection, Pattern Recognition Letters, 15 (1994) 533-541.

Various articles in CVu, CAUGers, and Overload which are published by The Association of C and C++ Users (1993-98).

Additional Information:

Member of IEEE Computer Society.
Member of British Machine Vision Association.
Member of The Association of C and C++ Users

Other Interests:

Hill-walking, cycling, bodyboarding, swimming, playing the flute badly.