SharpEye Music Reader - NIFF

NIFF (Notation Interchange File Format) is a music notation format which can contain much more information than MIDI which stores little more than the sound of the music. For example, information about stem direction, beaming, expression marks such as staccato and accent, ties and slurs are all lost when SharpEye makes a MIDI file. Even clefs and barlines cannot be put into a MIDI file, though they may be reconstructed by the program reading the MIDI file. NIFF was designed to overcome these limitations and provide a publicly documented format for interchanging music notation information between programs.

In order to make use of the NIFF facility you need a program that imports NIFF files. See the links page for more information about programs which support NIFF, and technical information about NIFF itself.

If your favorite notation program does not support NIFF, and you want to use SharpEye with it, please ask the producers to add this feature.

You can download a NIFF to text convertor program (90k). This is free but has no warranty whatsover and no support. It attempts to display the information in a concise, readable way. You need to refer to the NIFF spec to understand it fully.

You can also download C source for a NIFF to text convertor, based on the NIFF SDK with some additions by myself. This outputs a verbose file containing more detail than the above convertor program.


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