Known problems, incompatibilities, etc


Installation failed

One person has reported a problem with installation: the files were extracted but then an error message appeared:

"Cannot Run Installation Program -- File C:\Windows\Temp\install.lst must exist in the working directory."

This is nothing to do with SharpEye or its installer. It is due to a failed (or badly written) previous installation. Apparently the cure is to delete a file called install.exe in Windows\Temp. (Windows\Temp is meant for storing temporary files only.)

Installation OK, but won't run

The following error messages may appear:

1. Error Starting Program -- Sharpeye is linked to missing export COMCTL32.DLL:InitCommonControlsEx......

2. A device attached to the system is not functioning....

This should only happen on Windows 95 systems which have not been updated for quite a while. It means that your version of COMCTL32.DLL (Common Controls DLL) is too old. A new version of COMCTL32.DLL is supplied with Internet Explorer 4.

Black rectangles with ATI graphics cards

A few people with ATI graphics cards have reported that the music display shows black rectangles instead of musical symbols. This appears to be due to a bug in the device driver. It can be cured by going to Settings, Control Panel, System, Performance, Graphics, and moving the slider down to position 2 (out of 4).

Slow to run with Norton Anti-Virus Auto-Protect

When using Norton Anti-Virus software with virus definitions dated 9th July 2001 (and possibly others) and Auto-Protect turned on, there is a delay when SharpEye 2 starts, and when you start converting an image.

This has been reported to Norton.

If you have any other problems please contact me at contact Visiv.


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