This contains technical information about SharpEye and its recognition engine.

Liszt music-OCR SDK

A Software Development Kit (SDK) is available for licencing from Visiv. This is essentially a command line program which inputs a scanned image file and outputs a music notation file. The available output formats are NIFF, MusicXML, SharpEye's own .mro format, and MIDI. The SDK is available for Windows, Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X. The SDK consists of the recognition engine, associated data files, and a very simple "front end" which illustrates how the engine can be called from another program. See Liszt music-OCR SDK documentation

Information about SharpEye

For those wishing to integrate other music software with SharpEye (under Windows), the following information may be helpful.

From 2.18 onwards, the installer adds a value to the registry which gives the path to sharpeye.exe. The value name is "ExePath" and is under the key "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\visiv-co-uk\SharpEye Music Reader 2"

For information on SharpEye's .mro format see Details of .mro file format and Hints for reading .mro files